About Us

Reserved to the States is created and maintained by two friends.  One is a computer programmer from Hendersonville, Tennessee.  One is an attorney in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Both are husbands and fathers.  Both are born and raised American citizens concerned about the overreaching control the federal government continues to impose.

We started this site in order to facilitate discussions about political issues, and to further educate ourselves, and hopefully others, about the Constitution and how its limitations on the federal government are no longer being followed.  This site is not intended to bash one party or another, although there will no doubt be times when our conservative political philosophies shine through.

We are always open to debating, in a civil manner, the points and blogs found here.  We hope you enjoy the site.  Most of all, however, we hope the information here will encourage you to keep a more diligent, watchful eye on your government and be willing to take a stand against its unconstitutional actions.

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