How Much is Hillary Clinton Worth?

The month that has passed since the election has been interesting, to say the least. Even today, December 12, many Democrats continue to believe that the election was stolen from them, that the Russians somehow hacked into the voting machines, that FBI Director Comey purposely reopened his investigation into Hillary’s server to tilt the election to Trump, or any number of theories. Anything to keep from the reality that Hillary wasn’t a strong candidate.

Now John Podesta, Clinton’s top political adviser, has said the Clinton campaign is joining in with efforts to receive an “intelligence briefing on foreign intervention in the presidential election“. Of course they want this before December 19, which is when the electors will vote and make the presidential election results official.

Why are they so intent on receiving an “intelligence briefing” before December 19? To convince more electors to reject the votes of the people in their states, and instead to elect Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Hillary stated that she was “horrified” that Trump might not accept the election results if he lost, and that he would have to look at them at that time? She even tweeted that Trump’s position was a “direct threat to our democracy“. She even stated: “I for one am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our major two parties would take that kind of position.”

So there is no question at all about Clinton’s, and the Democrats’, hypocrisy in all of this. Even as they have admitted that there is no evidence that the Russians actually changed the election results in any way, they have continued the fake news narrative that the Russians made them lose.

My question is – how much is Hillary Clinton worth? Think about the end game here. If Democrats were to successfully convince enough electors to ignore the outcome of the election in their states and vote for Hillary, what would happen? If approximately half of the country sees that their votes are completely disregarded, and that their candidate – who won the election by following the rules of the electoral college – was nonetheless stripped of the office, what would they do?

The real threat to our democracy is theft of the election. And if millions of people were to actually see that happening, they would not likely accept it peacefully. In fact, it might cause a civil war.

The first Civil War in our country was for a noble cause – the end of slavery. While incredibly costly, the ultimate benefit of freedom for all American citizens was worth the steep price.

But in this case, the Democrats would be causing a civil war for only one person – Hillary Clinton. Is she worth that much?

If this happened, the Republicans would NOT be fighting a civil war for Donald Trump. On the contrary, they would be fighting to defend our existence as a constitutional republic. Here, the election was fairly carried out, and fairly won. So if the Democrats literally stole it, the Republicans, independents, and even Democrats who voted for Trump would have no choice but to fight. Not for Trump. But for our way of life and electoral process.

I would suggest that NO political person is worth ending our entire electoral system over. No matter what party. Not even a good person who is without all the baggage of either of this year’s candidates. A civil war, as bad as it would be, must have a higher purpose. Something that is so worth fighting for that the cost would pale in comparison to the benefit.

So, Democrats, you have to ask yourselves — how much is Hillary Clinton worth?

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