Is Trump Required By Law to Release Tax Returns?

Here we go again… Recall that during the 2012 campaign, Harry Reid and other Democrats were constantly demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns. When Romney refused, they predictably began claiming that he was likely a felon and probably hadn’t paid any taxes for ten years. Did the Democrats have ANY proof of that? Of course not. Who needs proof when the accusation itself is so damaging?

During the midst of all the clamoring and posturing, some reporters actually decided to do some research (amazing, isn’t it?) to find out what the legal requirements actually were. Even MSNBC, certainly no conservative organization, admitted that there was no law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns. In fact, MSNBC concluded that “no law requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns, but history does..” You can find MSNBC’s article here.

Seriously? History “requires” it? I was unaware that history had the ability or authority to “require” anything. MSNBC even states that history MANDATES the release. Ummm… “Mandates” implies that something is “mandatory”, required, NOT optional… you get the picture.

Sorry, MSNBC, but history does not and CANNOT “mandate” this. When we look at what is “required”, we look at this thing called the LAW. I know, that’s a confusing concept for the Democrats. So in an effort to help them out, I’ve done some of the research for them.

According to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (an oxymoron if ever there was one), a presidential candidate must file Office of Government Ethics Form 278 (OGE Form 278), which is a very detailed financial report. You can find the form here.

Nowhere is a tax return listed as a requirement. The OGE form appears to contain more detail than a tax return would. But regardless of any of that, it is clear that a presidential candidate is NOT required to release his tax returns. If it were, Hillary CLinton and her cronies would identify the specific legal requirement and demand that Trump fulfill such requirement. Because since it doesn’t exist, they have to resort to accusations and hope that the voters go along with it. Unfortunately, many of their supporters just march right in line without giving it a second thought.

It is clear that Trump is NOT required to release his tax returns. While many presidential candidates over the years have voluntarily done so, that does not translate into a requirement.

Trump has every right to reject these nonsensical accusations from the left and their unsupported demands that he release his tax returns. If he complies with OGE Form 278, he’s done what the LAW requires.

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